About us

International Doping Tests & Management (IDTM) is an experienced service provider, leveraging over three decades of expertise in conducting worldwide sample collection services. We are a global leader in the Anti-Doping world, managing remote and mobile drug testing programs for hundreds of clients, as well as providing a healthcare form of clinical trials, mobile diagnostics, and workplace drug testing. IDTM also offers Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) and Results Management (RM) services.



Founded in Stockholm in 1991, IDTM initially implemented an Out-of-Competition testing program on behalf of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Over the subsequent years, IDTM evolved into a global leader in the Anti-Doping arena, conducting tests for competitive sports worldwide, while continually investing in company growth to meet future demands.

The dawn of digitalization marked a pivotal era for IDTM, bringing about substantial growth and heightened demands within the sporting landscape. In September 2018, a significant milestone was reached as IDTM merged with its partner company Drug Free Sport US (DFS), solidifying our commitment to a truly global service. By merging two industry-leading brands, we pooled our collective expertise, experience, technology, and resources to tackle any mission, anytime, anywhere.

This union enabled us to offer clients unparalleled access to over 5 000 collectors, spanning more than 100 countries. Beyond our core Anti-Doping solutions, IDTM extended its reach into the healthcare domain during the Covid pandemic, offering vaccination services, COVID-19 testing, and expanding into sample collection services for clinical studies, mobile diagnostics, and workplace testing. Through our industry-leading capabilities, IDTM ensures critical laboratory testing and medical screening remain accessible and convenient for all patients.


To help ensure the integrity of sports and to make mobile healthcare accessible to all.


To be the world leader of innovative technology-enabled Anti-Doping, education and mobile clinical services in the sport and healthcare markets.