At IDTM, we take pride in developing advanced IT solutions for all of its testing services. Our range of tools include the Odin Sample Management Tool, Laboratory and DCO Portals, as well as integration with our partner organizations.  Odin Sample Management Tool streamlines sample handling processes, ensuring efficient and secure management from collection to analysis.

Our Laboratory Portals and Integrations facilitate seamless communication and data exchange between laboratories and our internal system, enhancing the speed and accuracy of results delivery.

The DCO Portal provides Doping Control Officers (DCOs) with a user-friendly interface to manage sample collection tasks efficiently.

The IDTM App Digital Sample Collection Tool offers a convenient solution for DCOs to collect and upload test data on-the-go, ensuring timely transmission of information to all stakeholders.

As we embrace the latest advancements, IDTM is integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our work to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of testing procedures.

These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to innovation and excellence in Anti-Doping testing and healthcare, enabling us to deliver superior services to our clients.