Out-of-Competition Testing

IDTM has the expertise and resources required to conduct the full range of blood and urine Out-of-Competition tests around the world at any time. We supply all the necessary documents and doping control equipment for urine and blood tests which have been approved by WADA/IOC or the relevant International Federation. IDTM has the capacity to assist you with all aspects of Out-of-Competition testing from start to finish, including:

Anti-Doping Program Development

We can help our clients in the development of their anti-doping program for the Out-of Competition testing.



Our experienced personnel assist in the planning of the required urine or blood tests.


Athletes’ Whereabouts

Checking of Whereabouts using ADAMS or by other means depending on the needs of our clients.

Coordinating with Doping Control Officers (DCO) and Blood Collection Officers (BCO) and training Chaperones

Through our global network of 500 DCOs and our BCOs who are certified doctors, nurses, and/or phlebotomists we can ensure that the testing will be conducted fast and in the most economical way.


Documents and doping control equipment approved by WADA

IDTM supplies all the necessary documents and doping control equipment for urine and blood tests which have been approved by WADA/IOC or the relevant International Federation. The equipment is of the highest quality and standards, and ensures the comfort of the athlete. We also provide the cool shipment materials and temperature loggers for blood testing.


Sample collection

In accordance to WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI), or following the rules of the relevant International Federation, our DCOs and BCOs collect the samples.



Our IDTM app can be used for test documentation. Alternatively, IDTM also has its own paper documents.



We are able to offer to all of our clients economical solutions for transporting urine and blood samples from the point of collection to the specified laboratory, whilst also ensuring that temperature and time constraints are adhered to, especially for the blood shipments which are time and temperature sensitive. On top of that, we have strong working relationships with several courier companies, which ensure that we can always find the most cost-effective solution and operate effectively in time critical situations. IDTM has also the permits that are required to ship blood samples out of certain countries.


Liaising with laboratories

IDTM uses WADA’s accredited and approved laboratories.

IDTM provides Out-Of-Competition testing services for the following organizations

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

International Association of Athletics Federation-Athletics Integrity Unit (IAAF- AUI)

International Tennis Federation (ITF)

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA)

International Testing Agency (ITA)

Nationale Anti-Doping Agentur Deutschland (NADA)

Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA)

RNADO (Romanian NADO)

International Boxing Association (AIBA)

Badminton World Federation (BWF)

World Curling Federation (WCF)

Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA)

Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG)

International Hockey Federation (FIH)

Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB)

International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)

International Skating Union (ISU)

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

Tug of War International Federation (TWIF)

World Karate Federation (WKF)

World Squash Federation (WSF)

If you would like to learn more about IDTM’s Out-of-Competition Testing services,
please call +46 8 555 109 00 or email us at antidoping@idtm.se