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Become a DCO

Do you want to play an active part in the fight against doping? Then join our team of Doping Control Officers!

There are many advantages to working as a DCO. In addition to participating in the important process of maintaining a doping-free world, the work is challenging and rewarding, and you will meet people from other nations and cultures, including top athletes. The quality of our services lies in the hands of the DCO. Thus you will be the most vital link in our organisation.


The basic requirement is a minimum age of 20 years. The DCO should also speak and write English with clarity. Knowledge of an additional language is an advantage, as is experience in anti-doping testing, educational activities or leadership.

No specific qualifications besides this are required, indeed personal attributes are what count. A DCO should be: a trouble-shooter, able to cope with stress, trustworthy, precise, outgoing, confidence-inspiring, a person with leadership skills, i.e. polite and friendly yet assertive.

DCOs must have a flexible schedule, since assignments are ordered on demand. It is not a fulltime job and most DCOs have regular jobs in addition to their IDTM obligations. The workload varies greatly depending on the tasks available in one’s own region.


As a DCO applicant you will go through a various number of steps in our Education. Each step is evaluated by IDTM, and you need an official approval from us after every step to continue to the next education level.

1 Introduction course; The first step is to complete a web-based introduction course and pass a final test to qualify for a formal application.

2 Formal application; After the passed introduction course, you are asked to fill in a formal application. (We are mainly looking at your geographical location, your previous experience, and at your life situation). Your application will then be revived by IDTM, and we will inform you if you are qualified for a further interview.

3 Interview; Most interviews are conducted over the phone due to geographical factors. The interview is followed by an evaluation of the candidate’s suitability and our needs. IDTM makes a review after the interview, and you will be informed by e-mail if you are qualified for further education.

4 Seminar; The next step in the education process is a DCO seminar. We provide up to five training seminars a year. We endeavour to have two sessions in Sweden, and the remaining sessions at various locations around the world depending on where we need new DCOs.

During this seminar we undergo both practical and theoretical training: for example, we go through the sample collection process, the whereabouts system for locating athletes, planning missions, implementation of tests, moral issues, quality control, procedural guidelines and competition and out-of-competition testing.

5 Assisting; While waiting for the seminar, there are also opportunities for recruits to assist a certified DCO on a mission. If you don’t have the possibility to assist before the seminar, there will be given opportunity to assist after the seminar. All DCO applicants need to assist a certified DCO a few times (1-5 due to previous experience) before a practical exam and DCO certification.

6 Practical exam / DCO certification; The certification is based on a theoretical exam and a practical test, in which recruits are sent out with someone from IDTM or an experienced DCO who evaluates and certifies them. The exam is then reviewed by IDTM, and if the exam is correct, a contract is then signed with IDTM.

If you are interested in joining our team of Doping Control Officers (or if you have further questions about this job) please contact IDTM and our DCO Network Administrator by email as follows:

E-mail Contact form
Phone: +46 8 555 10 900

Please remember to verify your country, city and contact assignments if you are interested in the DCO position.